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  What makes the difference?

We are not just another coffee roaster.  Our connection to the coffee begins on our sustainable coffee farm and ends up in a cup of some of the finest tasting coffee you’ll find anywhere.  Beginning with Armando Contreras, a fourth generation coffee farmer in Honduras, then, on to our roasting facility in Stuart, Virginia, where we fresh roast the coffee as orders are placed.  We plant, nurture, harvest, process, bag, ship, roast and finally, in our coffee shop in Stuart, serve the coffee.  We call this “Farmer Direct”.  From seed to cup, maintaining the quality of the coffee every step of the way with a commitment to the environment and the people of Honduras.

We also offer many other fine coffees from around the world including organic, fair trade and flavored.  Check out our online coffee store










Honduras Coffee Company.
121 North Main Street
Stuart, Va. 24171

Freephone:+1 877 HONDURAS


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